TLM General body elected its executive committee members on 20.03.22 at the meeting held at Thurumbar community development & research center, Gingee. It is a milestone in the history of TLM.

Welcome to our Thurumbar Liberation Movement

Began in 2003, the Thurumbar Liberation Movement, strives to restore human dignity and rights to the most oppressed Puthirai Vannar(Thurumbar) community of Tamil Nadu.

Puthirai Vannars are the last and the least in the caste-based hierarchical Tamil society. Notified as the Scheduled Caste(SC), they are the last of the sub-castes and are the dalits of the Dalits. THURUMBAR is their historical name, which is still in vogue in Sri Lanka.

A miniscule minority community among the SCs, they live dispersed in almost all the colonies of Tamil Nadu, unseen and uncared for. This community needs the attention of the state and humanity. They are caste-based bonded labourers since they are involved in forced traditional service


TLM is a people’s organization. The Salesians, the Gonzaga sisters, the Jesuits, Unorganized Workers’ Federation, the Human Rights Movement are collaborators, in this people’s empowerment process.


TLM is a rights based organization, promoting volunteerism and collective leadership. There are no positions/portfolios but only responsibilities/commitments.


  1. Sangams (Associations) for the people, in 7 districts.
  2. Educational Scholarships and Guidance for the children (Thurumbar Thulir).
  3. Settlements for the landless and those affected by atrocities.
  4. Accessing all government schemes for the Puthirai Vannars, through the Welfare Board.
  5. Periodic trainings for youth, women&men, children.
  6. Networking with other Movements and CBOs on Dalit Empowerment, Human Rights, etc.
  7. Research and documentation about the life and culture of Puthirai Vannars(PVs).
  8. Addressing cases of atrocities and caste discrimination suffered by the PVs.
  9. Summer Camps for the children.

Summer Camp 2015

Posted On : 17-09-2015

Thurumbar Thulir Summer Camp 2015

02 – 10 May 2015  Sithanangur

                 The summer camp began on 02.05.2015 at St.John’s Hr. Sec. School campus, Sithanangoor, near Villupuram. There were 38 Children in the camp from around 9 villages from Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram districts. Three Jesuit brothers and 6 volunteers from Thurumbar community conducted the camp. The official inauguration of the camp was on 03.05.2015. Mr. John Peter, Correspondent of  St. John Hr. Sec. School, was the Chief guest. Fr. Arul Valan, the animator and Sr. Alphonse, Co-animator of the camp gave a motivational talk. After the inauguration, orientation program began. Fun games were conducted as an ice-breaking session. From second day, classes were conducted in which special attention was given to subjects such as English and Mathematics. To improve the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem a special training program was arranged between 3 pm to 5 pm. Wu shu, a Chinese self-defence art was a major event of the camp. Students gained much from it. It empowered girls more than the boys. It was felt both by the children and the masters, that Wu Shu should be conducted throughout the year. The children were given good food during the camp.

Children empowered through Special Talks:

Mr. Thirunavukkarasu, a social thinker, gave a talk on Ambedkar’s life and struggle. He motivated the children to struggle to make their own destiny. Mr. Dalit Subbaiah gave a talk on the caste system in India and the ways to eradicate it. He spoke on the need for reservation. He taught two awareness songs on education, which made us to understand the need and importance of education. Sr. Alphonse gave a talk on nutrition food and women’s health and hygiene.

Various competitions were held during the evenings in which children exhibited their talents and creativity. Time for their personal study was also given, to train them to do it back in their homes.

Picnic to Ginjee Fort:

On 10.05.2015, the final day of the camp, a picnic to the historical Gingee Fort was organized. The children came to know the history of their locale. We spent 5 hours in the fort. Students enjoyed a lot. At 1 pm we had a grand lunch at our new building construction site. The children were excited to see the building coming up for their welfare. The children dispersed to their homes with much satisfaction and joy.