Organization Support

The Salesians, The Gonzaga Sisters, The Jesuits and the Unorganized Workers’ Federation (UWF) network and support and guide the Movement, in people based issues.

Fr.Britto Berchmans and his friends are of great support in this noble mission of empowering the most oppressed community. Among the friends, laura cappelletti, Keely and others are worth mentioning. It is through the support of Fr.Britto and friends, we are on the process of realizing a community center for this most needy community of Tamil nadu.

The Jesuits of Madurai Province have been of tremendous support in establishing this movement. The role of IDEAS center at Madurai is unique. It has been offering trainings for our youth and women for the past 9 years. The census and survey in 3 districts was possible because of IDEAS. Apart from this center, other committed jesuits are of great support, in various ways. Education Help is also given to 10 children for the past 3 years.

The Gonzaga sisters have been a part of this empowerment process by conducting trainings for women, by participating in the census & survey, and by supporting a thurumbar youth in his higher studies from 2013.