Many Puthirai Vannar families suffering caste oppression and bonded labour in their villages, reported the matter to TLM conveners. Hence after studying the ground realities, it was decided to re-settle such families together in a town area to remove the root cause of such oppression. Geographical location is a major contributive factor in the puthirai vannars’ caste slavery. A decent housing facility was also the need of the hour.

TLM with the help of Sadhaana Public Charitable Trust decided to establish this settlement and identified 10 affected families from various villages. Ten plots with an area of 2 cents were bought in 2005. But there was stiff resistance from the locals. In spite of the opposition, the families started living in the make-shift huts that were put up. Sr.Alphonse and Fr.Arul Valan had to face the wrath of the locals for setting up this settlement for the affected Thurumbar families.

Fr.Joe Andrew SDB helped us to construct the basement of the 9 houses, while the 10th plot continued to be embroiled in problem. The Sadhaana Public Charitable Trust mobilized various donors in USA, besides the contribution from Andrew Amirtharaj’s family and Anjali’s family. With their help 9 concrete houses with bathroom facilities have been built. The families once in servitude due to the compulsory caste duties and ostracized for inter-caste marriage, are now breathing the free air and are living a dignified life.