Redressal Meet on Bonded Labour and Welfare Board at the Secretariate

Posted On : 22-02-2014

The Department of Adi Dravida Welfare which also looks into the bonded labour matters, organized a redressal meet at the Secretariate on 12.02.2014. RDOs and other officials from various 10 districts together with International Justice Mission, Representatives of the UWF and TLM participated. The Secretary, Ms.Kannegi Packianathan IAS, instructed the officials to identify, rescue and rehabilitate the bonded labourers in the most oppressed communities of Oddars, Irulars and Puthirai Vannars. She also disburse the funds lying idle in the Puthirai Vannar Welfare Board for the last 4 years. It was a historic meet which brought hope to these oppressed communities.