Welfare Board

The unstinting and tireless work of the TLM for over 8 years, proved results. The government was made to see, the unseen community of Tamil Nadu, and on 07.07.2009, the Government of Tamil Nadu announced the setting up of the Tamil Nadu Puthirai Vannar Welfare Board. There are 12 government officials and 13 non official members in the board. Various political parties including the Viduthalai Chiruthaikal Katchi(VCK), helped speed up the process. Fr.Arul Valan, the Convener of the TLM, is one of the state-level Board members.

TLM organized a state-level convention in Chennai on 28.10.2009 which was attended over 1000 people. The Minister for Adi Dravida Welfare, three bishops, leaders of VCK, UWF and many other organizations took part. While the manadu thanked the government, it demanded that the Christian Puthirai Vannars be included as members of the board. The minister guaranteed to include them as there was already a GO including dalit christians into the welfare schemes of the government for SCs.

But so far only 2 state level board meetings were held till May 2011. After the government headed by ADMK was formed in May 2011, no board meetings have been conducted. Out of the Re. One Crore allotted for the welfare board, only 8 lakhs have been disbursed for welfare schemes as on 21.02.2014.