Hundreds of Puthirai Vannar students are being empowered by way of education help, guidance and follow up by the TLM.

MR.DAVID MORAIS: The contribution of Mr.David Morais for the empowerment of Thurumbar children and the community as a whole is historic. The constant unstinting support he has been extending since 2005 is highly commendable. His help has made a number of Thurumbar students rise up and shine as teachers, nurses, technicians, degree holders employed in various jobs, etc. His unassuming character and deep commitment has made Thurumbar liberation possible. His name will be etched in Thurumbar history.

Mr.David Morais’ contribution has made it possible for us to reach out to hundreds of remote villages spanning 7 districts. Hundreds of children and youth have been guided and empowered.

MS.LAURA MADRIX: Ms.Laura’s support and commitment has helped raise the standard of education of the most vulnerable Thurumbar children, since 2011. Children have been helped with their fees, education materials, uniforms and bank savings for their higher education.

Sadhaana Public Charitable Trust sponsored hundreds of children between 2006 to 2009.